"The Heart Minded Approach"
Positive Leadership
in action


We strengthen leaders
to build and maintain stable relationships.


Who are you?

Does your image match your identity?
Are you an authentic leader?

Or are you still hiding behind your insecurities, anxiety and immaturity?

In order to be a positive leader you need to exemplify a solid foundation of integrity, character, maturity and selfless love.

Only will this enable your leadership to gain the crucial stability for these agile times.



Are you aware of your self leadership?

Self knowledge, self reflection and knowing your self leadership is the key to face honestly your weaknesses and doubts. Having the ability to be vulnerable is the foundation for positive leadership.

Can you handle the stress of crises and unforeseen events, while remaining stable in your authenticity and leadership?

Only authentic leaders can create accountable positive leaders.



Do you have a safe space to grow?

Without a high level of integrity a safe space is not possible. Providing this safe space for your fears, doubts and insecurities is crucial for your  identity and authentic self growth.

A positive leader is aware of their uniqueness and honest with their current limitations.

„THE HEART MINDED APPROACH“ provides a safe space for your personal and professional growth by allowing you to overcome your limitations.


"positive leadership is having
an accurate awareness
of your current limitations,

while seeing the next steps
to overcoming and turning them
into your future possibilities!"


Natalie Jakobus-Hillers
Natalie Jakobus-Hillers

Former Lead of Global Planning at HUGO BOSS AG | Former Strategic Finance Manager at TJX | BCCG Committee Ba-Wü | Founder MINDCRAFT Leadership Consulting I Partner THE HEART MINDED APPROACH | Executive Coach

#LeaderscreateLeadersIf you want to guide people to their next level and beyond, first of all you have to know yourself. This implies that you are mentally stable and are aware of your words and their impact on people.

Having over 12 years of experience in various global leadership positions, e.g. worldwide strategic projects with myriad diversity, many different perspectives and points of view, challenging situations are not new territory for me. I understand the meaning of positive creation and my own impact of the future. 

My passion is to discover the talents and abilities that lie dormant in each individual. Making people conscious of their true abilities by highlighting them with purpose, in order to strengthen and stabilise their self-confidence. 

Another passion of mine is to ask questions! This will confront people and reflect their principles, beliefs and behaviours. The purpose? Being a positive leader nowadays means being comfortable with the visibility, authenticity, clear outspokenness even on uncomfortable topics.

Good to know: I am a Northern light from Hamburg and therefore, very clear and direct in my communication. There is no such thing as „I can’t“! Trying and losing the fear of possible failure will allow you to learn. Failure is the foundation for new innovations and future solutions.

Petra Spillman M.A.

Former Head of Internal Euro Communication of Deutsche Bank | BCCG Committee Ba-Wü | USARMY AWAG Leadership Conference Speaker | U.S. AirForce Command Spouse | Servant/Positive Leadership Consultant | Professor | Author

#LeadershipstartswithLOVE. Love is honest, love is patient, love is kind. Love always protects and never dishonours others. Love is also telling the truth, even when it is uncomfortable or unpopular.  

For over two decades I have been known by military and civilian leaders as a reliable sounding board, one who never walks on eggshells nor sugarcoats anything and the one you can depend on to have your back! My word is my bond. 

Since, I love seeing leaders and people grow. I am passionate about optimising their authenticity, henceforth, creating a safe space for them to be brutally honest with themselves, their fears, insecurities, anxieties and doubts. 

Another passion of mine is movement. Whenever I speak, teach or mentor I combine it with a physical activity. Taking people out of their normal environmental space (office, university, conference room) and allowing them to move freely (forest, field, sea) at their own pace. This method has brought many unexpected breakthroughs and a much clearer vision for their identity, purpose and their next steps. 

One last note, I love to laugh and see others do the same. Life is too short to be sad or depressed. Sometimes it only takes a change of perspective. Let’s rise together!

your benefit FROM
"the heart minded executive program"

Individual Analysis
Individual Analysis
Identification of your energy thieves
Knowing your triggers
Embracing your weaknesses
Refining your strengths
Character Growth
Character Growth
Character development
Authenticity progression
Elimination of insecurities

Self Leadership
Self Leadership
Stress Management
Process optimization and discipline
Maturing of self reflection

Active listening
Mindful communication
Eye to eye level collaboration

Servant leadership
Servant leadership
Discovering the power of servant leadership
Acquiring a servants mindset
Organizational benefits
Solid decision making
Multiplication of positive leaders
Implementation of clear vision and purpose
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